LumaRX IPL Review (2021) | Is it Worth the Investment?

Let’s face it: having body hair might be natural, but it can also be an annoyance, and even downright embarrassing.  You can try and take the professional treatment route to get rid of unwanted hair, but that can be a very expensive option. As an alternative, you can also try one of the many different home hair removal devices that are currently on the market.

One of them is the LumaRx Full Body Hair Removal Device. Could this be a good option for you?

Check out this review to find out!

LumaRX IPL Review

First up with a couple of sweet benefits…

What are the Benefits?

  • Quick results (within 2-3 weeks)
  • Removes unwanted hairs
  • Prevents most hair from coming back after multiple treatments

picture of lumarx results on hair

The manufacturer provides an assurance that this device works effectively. However, it may take some time to treat individual hairs, or to see the hair actually fall out. Treatments on average participants see results in about 2 weeks.

The manufacturer claims that users experience up to 94% reduction in unwanted hair, and see 66% fewer hairs 12 months after completing 3 treatments, on average.  You may not see permanent hair reduction however as this is quite difficult to achieve in any device.  *Individual results vary.

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The LumaRx is one of the most popular hair removal devices ever made..

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What are the Main Features of the Product?

A. Intense Pulsed Light Technology

Manufactured by one of today’s leading dermatologists, the LumaRx Hair Reduction Device makes use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology.

One of the most effective types of long-lasting hair removal techniques, IPL is widely used not just by skin care professionals but is also integrated to several at-home devices that are both more convenient and less expensive than professional treatments.

B. Comfort Filter Technology

The LumaRX device features trademarked Comfort Filter technology to ensure that each and every use will be comfortable and free from pain.

The only thing you’ll feel while using the IPL device on your skin is a warming, tingling sensation as the technology goes to work, penetrating your skin to safely heat your hair follicles to encourage them to slow and eventually stop hair regrowth. Combined with the LumaRX’s large 3 square centimeter flash window, this means treatments will be a safe, fast and comfortable experience.

On a side note about being safe, it’s also FDA cleared for use.

C. Energy Level Selection

This hair reduction device has several selectable energy levels to ensure your skin receives the appropriate amount of IPL energy to deliver safe and effective results. The LumaRX has a maximum output of 8 Joules per square centimeter and provides a wide range of light wavelengths ranging from 600 to 1200 nanometers, which the manufacturer states is safe for both removing unwanted body hair and unwanted facial hair.

D. Skin Tone Sensor

Safety is an important focus of the LumaRX IPL, and while it is considered generally safe to be used for the removal of both body hair and facial hair, it comes with an integrated skin tone sensor for added protection. Once you’ve prepared your body area by cleaning and shaving it thoroughly, use the skin tone sensor to ensure that the LumaRX is suitable to be used on the area.

E. Other Key Features:

  • Number of flashes: 65,000
  • Pulse per second: 3-second flash speed (body); 4-second flash speed (face)
  • Does it need replacement lamps or cartridge: Yes
  • Treatment area spot size: Wide, 3 cm2 flash window for faster treatment of larger areas
  • Cord or cordless: Corded
  • Does it have a warranty or money-back guarantee: 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Is it FDA approved: Yes
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What Body Parts LumaRx System Used For?

  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Bikini line
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Stomach
  • Female facial hair (sideburns, cheeks, neck, chin and upper lip)

Who are Good Candidates for LumaRx IPL Device?

LumaRX skin tone before and after guidelines

The LumaRx Full Body Hair Reduction Device is highly effective for individuals with lighter skin tones. This means that it may not work effectively on those with darker skin tones. It works great on black, and brown hair colors, but not on lighter ones, such as light blond, red, peach fuzz, white or gray hair.

How to Use LumaRx Hair Removal Device for Best Results?

  1. Prep the skin by cleaning or shaving the area that you want to treat.
  2. Use a skin tone tester. This process will help determine if the device is well-suited for use on a given area.
  3. Choose the desired energy setting. This is particularly important for first-time users, who may want to start with the lowest level.
  4. Start treating skin. This can be done in a grid-like pattern for effective coverage.

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Final Thoughts

This IPL device is a promising one that claims to provide fast results. As a corded device, there is no need to recharge the batteries, thus adding to the product’s overall convenience.  It’s also effective on most skin types and colors.

Several reviews from satisfied customers back up this product’s claims.  (Which by the way is results after three treatments).   While it may not be totally permanent, it’s likely that you will see long term stable reduction of hair.  This is

As such, the LumaRX IPL is a very popular pro hair reduction system.

Thank you for reading!

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