How To Remove Armpit Hair for Women

Underarm hair removal can be quite simple considering all the different hair removal methods that are available to us today. Choosing the one that’s right for you is something that many women find to be a challenge. Thanks to recent technological innovations over the course of the last few years, there are new and interesting ways that we can get rid of unwanted underarm hair using all sorts of hair removal methods.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the more popular ways that many women use to remove underarm hair and help explain the pros and cons associated with each method.

There Are 4 Ways To Effectively Remove Underarm Hair for Women

Removing underarm hair, “armpit hair”, as it’s called, is top priority for many women (and men alike). There are four main ways to effectively remove armpit hair, they include: shaving your armpits, using laser or intense pulsed light treatment, waxing, or using hair removal creams.

Shaving Your Armpits

Shaving armpits is one of the fastest ways to remove underarm hairThe fastest way for women to remove underarm hair is also the most simple method, shaving. While shaving your armpits is the quickest and most effective initially, it does have its downsides as a long term solution, especially compared to laser hair removal.

Hair removal has long been a source of frustration for many women as there are numerous unsavory side effects that come with shaving and other ways to remove armpit hair. Some of these methods for hair removal are known to be more effective than others, but some can be downright painful and irritating.

Shaving your armpits has been a method used to remove unwanted hair for thousands of years across a wide range of the world’s different cultures and time periods. One area of body hair that women almost always want to remove before hair in other places is understandably on our underarm areas.

Armpit hair is not something that’s widely believed to be attractive for ladies and shaving it off is a surefire way to get rid of it for a short while until it grows back.

There are some obvious benefits that come from removing armpit hair with a razor. It’s one of the fastest methods you can use to get rid of your underarm hair, but it’s only going to grow back, eventually. By using a high-quality razor, you can typically remove underarm hair with no problems, but you can also run into pesky side effects that come with it.

If you don’t use the right types of razors or cream, you can often end up with ingrown hairs, irritated skin, painful cuts and other things that are simply not appealing to anyone. If you regularly shave your underarm hair, you are already well-acquainted with these incidents.

For ladies who do decide that the razor is the best option or perhaps the most cost-effective one, it’s important that you utilize a good quality shaving cream to avoid ingrown hair, especially if you have sensitive skin. Be sure to also apply certain types of lotion on the area to maintain that smooth skin you’re going for, even in an area like the armpit.

Be sure to pay special attention to the direction in which your hair is growing in your armpit area. This might be hard to do and will require you to use a mirror to very closely inspect your armpit before you get ready to shave them.

You should never run the razor in the opposite direction that your hair is growing. This will result in ingrown hairs and other problems that include skin irritation for those with sensitive skin, as well as a more painful experience that might result in more cuts.

It’s important that you understand the direction of the hair and how it’s growing before shaving any part of your body. By shaving with your razor in the same direction of the hair, you can have a much smoother experience that’s also less painful. Also, be sure to use warm water which works to soften your skin and allows you to get a better shave with less irritation to your skin.

Your hair will eventually grow back and some ladies might find that certain shaving cream brand can also irritate their skin even further. However, it’s one method of getting rid of armpit hair that is proven to be effective and fairly simple.

IPL & Professional Laser Hair Removal Devices

picture of lady getting laser treatment on armpit hair. While IPL and laser hair removal devices are more expensive than utilizing a cream or a razor to remove unwanted armpit hair, they’re one of the best long term options for armpit hair removal available to women.

Thanks to recent technological innovations, we’re now able to utilize new and highly-effective methods for hair removal of body hair and even facial hair. Some of the newest devices for underarm hair removal are Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices, as well as commercial laser hair removal devices.

As compared to laser hair removal in a salon, IPL devices are obviously more expensive initially but might pay off in the long run for women who know how to properly use them on a regular basis.

As you might suspect, these IPL and laser hair removal devices vary when it comes to their ease of use and other characteristics, including how effective they are. These products are typically much more expensive than other means you might use to remove underarm hair, but they are considerably more effective and offer a range of benefits as well.

An IPL hair removal device operates using a broad-spectrum light that is incredibly effective when it comes to underarm hair removal, as well as hair removal from other areas of the body. These products work by directing light at the hair follicle’s melanin, which is the pigment that gives the hair its unique color.

The broad-spectrum light works by damaging the root of the hair and either preventing or greatly reducing the hair growth in the area that it’s used.

When it comes to removing hair from the underarm area for people with sensitive skin using an IPL or laser hair removal device is often much better than shaving or waxing it away. The IPL and laser device’s removal methods are a bit less intrusive and are not known to cause as much damage to the skin itself or the hair follicles in a way that might cause the user pain or severe discomfort.

The most popular IPL devices typically cost hundreds of dollars depending on where they are purchased from, but it’s clear that these products are the best choice for underarm hair removal for many women.

Some of these devices will actually work to limit hair growth over the course of being used for months at a time and there are a few IPL devices that are capable of resulting in permanent hair removal for some women.

The IPL and laser hair removal products that many women today use for armpit hair removal can also be used to maintain and remove body hair from other areas as well. Some of the premium IPL and laser hair removal devices are very commonly used when it comes to removing body hair around the bikini area, as well as to remove hair from the legs and arms.

One of the main reasons why so many women utilize these products is because they’re much more comfortable to use than painful methods such as waxing or even plucking hair out. However, these IPL devices also come with some minor drawbacks that might make them less appealing for some women.

They are mainly intended to result in the removal of underarm hair or hair in other areas over the course of a few weeks or even months.

Some IPL devices are capable of delivering results within a week or two, but others might take longer in order for the hair follicles to be adequately damaged, which results in the slowing of hair growth or even no growth at all.

Obviously, for many women, their goal is to be hair-free in certain areas like their armpit or bikini line and other parts of their body. The IPL device is capable of delivering these results in some cases, but it often takes women several applications of the IPL device to achieve these results.

In most cases, the user’s skin tone and hair color often play a role in how effective these devices can be. White using IPL devices for those with darker skin may have a prolonged wait for results, it’s entirely possible to achieve hairless armpits in this fashion. For those with darker skin color, the IPL  or laser hair removal device may need to be used at a higher strength level than those with pale skin might require. Also, individuals with more fine or light-colored hair will likely see more results than those who have darker, thicker hair.

There can be some issues when it comes to using an IPL or laser hair removal device for some people. These products might leave unwanted red marks on the skin and might sometimes be more painful than some women expect. Many women have started to use numbing cream for laser hair removal, with it helping to curb the slight pain that this type of hair removal can offer.

Using these types of products typically results in a slight burning or stinging sensation, but it’s not anything that is overwhelming and usually lasts for just a few seconds on the area immediately after the laser or broad-spectrum light is applied.

It’s important that you don’t confuse IPL devices with commercial salon-style laser hair removal systems as these are actually two totally different methods of treating unwanted hair that simply deliver similar results. While the IPL operates with a broad-spectrum light, the laser hair removal device operates using a much more concentrated beam of light that’s more powerful and will only treat a very small area at one time.

Waxing Your Armpits

Picture of wax strips to remove hair.Another highly-effective manner of getting rid of underarm hair removal is waxing your armpits. This form of underarm hair removal is one that’s not quite as popular among many women simply because it’s rather painful and is one of the more uncomfortable ways you can get rid of underarm hair. However, there are plenty of spas and other places you can go to have your underarm hair professionally removed via waxing.

Waxing is a very effective manner to remove unwanted underarm hair and any sort of hair around other areas of the body. It’s known to be a method that allows you to maintain certain problem areas so that they’re silky-smooth for many days at a time before you’ll need to treat the area and have it waxed again.

Some women might opt to use certain homemade or DIY methods of waxing that include the use of honey and lemon to remove hair. This might work, but we recommend using a professional for something like waxing as there is quite a bit of thing that might go wrong during the process.

This method is somewhat time-consuming and should usually be done by a professional unless someone has a well-rounded understanding about how to properly use wax and other products.

Underarm waxing is relatively similar to the methods many spas and skin care professionals use to remove hair from other parts of the body. It’s often compared to shaving, but waxing your armpits and other areas won’t usually result in ingrown hair or other issues.

There are two types of waxing, one which involves the use of hardening wax that can be pulled off without the need for strips and one that is known as a ‘soft’ wax and must be applied with a paper strip in order to be removed.

There are some benefits you’ll get with waxing that other methods might not offer. One of these benefits is the fact that the wax works to exfoliate your skin as it is removed. As with any method of hair removal, there are a few concerns and issues some people have related to waxing the underarm area. The wax can sometimes cause the skin around your armpit to have reactions, much like you’ll get from using the wrong kind of razor to shave.

Waxing your underarms can be something that irritates the skin for women who have sensitive skin. It’s important that you take extra care if you’re going to use wax to remove armpit hair or hair on any other part of the body. Be sure to wash your body and armpits especially well before waxing or shaving.

Using Armpit Hair Removal Creams

Picture of cream being used to effectively take care of hair problem.Another effective means to deal with unwanted hair growth is the use of various types of creams on your underarms. There are many different brands and types of creams that you might want to use on your underarms to achieve smoother skin, but it’s important to understand these products and their effects.

Depilatory cream is often used to dissolve hairs and painlessly eradicate hair in areas where you’re looking for smooth skin. A depilatory cream works through the use of different chemicals which effectively dissolve the hair on the topical layer of your skin, as well as deep into the skin and the areas near the hair’s root.

There are many different brands out there that manufacture depilatory creams and it’s important that you select the one that’s right for your own specific needs. As with any other product, the many different types of depilatory creams are going to vary in price. Those that are more effective are typically going to be more expensive, so it’s best to invest your money wisely.

By using the right types of creams and taking proper care of your skin and the area around your armpits, you can achieve long-lasting smooth skin with little or no pain and very few side effects.

What is the most effective way for women to remove armpit hair?

While shaving your armpits is the quickest way to remove it, it’s not the best permanent solution. To remove armpit hair permanently, working with a professional hair removal Salon, or using an IPL armpit hair removal device at home are the two most effective methods to removing unwanted underarm hair. Compared to alternative methods such as waxing and armpit hair removal creams, IPL and laser hair removal deliver the most consistent, lasting results.