Meet The Author of Hair Buff Mama

Cath Mae Paisley

I’m originally from the Philippines but have been living in Japan for the last 5 years with my husband and beautiful baby girl. I have a Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV.

I am currently treating my underarms, with thick coarse black hair using a home IPL device. Currently, I am using the Remington iLight Ultra.

Why I Started The Hair Buff Mama Blog

Due to my skin type, it was a challenge to find a home light-based hair removal device that actually worked. I have spent hours researching about the different features and specs of all popular over-the-counter IPL and laser brands. Most of them claimed that their device worked for individuals with Fitzpatrick Skin Type I – IV.

However, after testing many different models and speaking with various dermatologists, I found that oftentimes permanent hair reduction was difficult to achieve with many treatment types — particularly if you fall under Type IIIb – IV like I do. The permanent hair reduction process can be long and difficult to achieve.

I was discouraged to say the least!

I turned to Youtube and found some women who have Skin Type IV and have found success with some IPL and laser brands for their unwanted body hair. That was when I decided to start Hair Buff Mama, a simple blog about my search for a device for Type IV.

The blog has evolved since the early days, and it now covers all things related to hair removal, reduction, care, and growth.

Thank you very much for visiting.


Catherine Mae Rivera-Paisley