Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Before and After: How Does It Work?

The Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is a technique to remove hair from the pubic region of the body. Brazilian laser removal has some unique benefits and helps keep hair away for at least a couple of years. This pain-free method is becoming increasingly popular as a permanent hair removal method. 

Read through the article to check Brazilian laser hair removal before and after the procedure.

What is Brazilian Hair Removal?

The Brazilian laser hair removal process helps you get rid of pubic hair in a safe and easy way. This laser hair removal treatment is especially focused on helping you take care of body hair in a long-term way. Unlike a lot of other hair removal methods, this treatment gives you stubble-free skin and lets you wear your bikini bottoms without any worries.

In fact, one of the biggest benefits of this permanent hair removal technique is that you no longer have the risk of ingrown hairs developing. However, because everyone has a different skin type, the results of a Brazilian Hair Removal can differ. Generally, people opt for a Brazilian laser removal because it helps give them time between the hair regrowing, and it can be a somewhat permanent solution to removing pubic hair. 

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal?

You can get laser hair removal if you are a good candidate. Experts recommend it to the ideal candidates for laser hair removal – people with dark hair and light skin. The reason why laser hair removal works so well on darker hair is that the pigment is what the laser works best on. If you have light hair such as blonde hair, you may not be a good candidate for laser hair removal. However, for a clear answer, you should discuss it with a specialist.

How is a Brazilian Laser Different from a Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

brazilian laser hair removal before and afterActually, the difference between the two is about what pubic hair is removed. In a bikini line laser hair removal, the main focus is on the hair at the side of the pubic region, while a Brazilian targets all of the pubic hair. However, while the bikini hair removal targets a specific region, it is still a popular laser hair removal technique. 

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

While there are plenty of other hair removal methods, such as waxing, shaving, and even electrolysis, there are some reasons why laser hair removal is so popular. It happens to be quick, less painful, targeted, and can even get rid of ingrown hair. Here are some of its benefits:

  • The process is quick: compared to an average waxing session or even shaving, laser removal is pretty quick. Each session will only last a few minutes. Plus, if you’re opting for an area as small as the Brazilian laser removal, it’ll take even less time. 
  • It’s less painful: Typically, compared to other methods, the laser hair removal method is considered to be significantly less painful – similar to a rubber band snapping at the skin. 
  • The method is specific: One of the biggest benefits of using laser hair removal is that it can be incredibly targeted. You don’t have to worry about stray wax pulling at your hair. The laser will specifically remove the precise hair you want gone. 
  • It gets rid of ingrown hair: Because of shaving and waxing, you can develop ingrown hairs. However, with a laser, there is no risk of this happening because the hair is destroyed at the root.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Before and After: What Changes?

Before you start the laser hair removal process, you may have noticed some things. First and foremost, you have pubic hair, and you may even have developed ingrown hair because of waxing or shaving. However, after you get the Brazilian hair removal procedure, you can see far less hair growth, and all ingrown hair will be removed completely. 

It is also important to note that with a Brazilian laser hair removal, you can avoid having to make weekly or monthly trips to the salon or having to buy at-home shaving kits. With this method, you can make hair removal something you take care of once in a while for a few maintenance sessions. 

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal What to Expect

When opting for a Brazilian Removal, you should know that this is a technique based on laser technology. This means that you will need to contact someone who is a laser specialist to carry out your sessions. It is important that you choose a Laser Clinic that is able to carry out your session in a safe, hygienic, and respectful manner. 

How Laser Hair Removal Works

When you get a laser hair removal appointment, you should know how the process works. The specialist will focus laser rays on your hair follicles. These attack the hair at the root, which helps to stop hair growth from starting back again. That way, you can make sure any unwanted hair is taken away for the long term. 

However, you can’t remove all of your hair in just one session. In order to get the best results, you need to come in for a few laser sessions. This is because the hair growth cycle varies for different types of body hair and so a couple of laser hair removal sessions can address the hair growth at different stages. 

While most hair removal procedures can be pretty painful, this laser hair treatment generally does not cause a lot of pain. Most people would describe the process as mildly uncomfortable, similar even to a rubber band hitting the skin. 

The Result of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Because everybody’s skin is different, there are often different results after the first session. It is possible that you may see some side effects from laser hair treatments. Some people may feel slight pain or itching but a bit of a cooling agent, like aloe vera, can help soothe the skin after a laser session. You may be asked to use a numbing cream to soothe your skin after a session. 

You may see some hair loss at the beginning, but don’t expect it to all be gone. Usually, it’s only after a few treatment sessions when you see major signs of hair loss. People who have dark hair and lighter skin will see the best results after their sessions and that is because the darker the hair color, the easier it is to see the change from the first session to the last one. 

Taking Care After Using Laser for Hair Removal

After you get your Laser Hair Removal services, it is important that you focus on protecting and taking care of the region. Your skin after laser hair removal can sometimes become sensitive or irritable and some removal side effects can even include scarring if proper care is not taken. As such, to avoid these common side effects, you will need to take a few precautions.

  • Avoid direct sunlight at all costs, as it could harm your skin.
  • Avoid using sunless tanning products as they can indirectly cause the same issues. 
  • Stay away from swimming pools, steam rooms, etc.
  • Stick to wearing loose clothing that doesn’t stick to the pubic region.
  • Listen to the advice that your skin treatments specialists give you about aftercare. 

How Long Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Last?

While laser hair removal definitely gives you a long-lasting result, it does not stay around forever. In fact, most types of laser treatments last for around two years. In the midst of this, you may have to come back for sessions to keep hair growth at bay.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Near Me

To find Brazilian hair removal services near you, all you need to do is search the term ‘Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Near Me’ in Google search. The search engine will use the algorithm to help you track laser hair removal deals and laser clinic options in your area.

You can then reach out to the skin treatments specialists you see. Although, you should always try and check for reviews to make sure the skin, face & body specialists have good reviews. You can also try and look for at-home solutions if there are no specialists near you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of your most commonly asked questions about Brazilian laser hair treatment:

Is Brazilian laser hair removal safe?

Brazilian laser hair removal is a completely safe procedure that can be carried out on all skin types. Generally, you do not have to worry about any downtime and can easily walk in and out after your session. Some side effects can occur but they are often easily manageable. 

What is the Brazilian laser hair removal cost?

The cost of your Brazilian laser hair removal depends on where you are but you can expect each session to cost between $150 to $300. Since the technique requires a number of sessions, your cost in total will depend on the number of sessions you are recommended. 

How many laser removal sessions will I need?

There is no clear answer as to how many sessions you might need for a complete laser hair removal procedure. While your specialist can tell you the accurate number of sessions, you should know most procedures require between 4-6 sessions. These sessions are spread out usually on a weekly basis. 

What parts of the body can you use laser hair removal on?

You can actually use laser hair removal on almost all parts of your body, except for the eyelashes and area near the eyes. This is one of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal as it allows you to quickly take care of hair all over the body. 

How long after Brazilian laser hair removal do you see results?

You will usually see results in about three weeks after you get Brazilian laser treatment. This is because the treatment can only target hair that is actively growing. After a few treatments, you may notice that your hair has thinned out but the complete results come after a few sessions. 

How do I prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal?

To prepare for Brazilian hair removal, you can start by shaving about 12 hours before your appointment. You should also avoid exposing the area to the sun and wear loose clothes. Always ask your specialist questions about what to expect so you know what is coming. 

What can I expect after Brazilian laser hair removal?

After a Brazilian laser hair removal, you may feel a little itchy and sore. However, a bit of aloe vera or numbing cream can help. You may also notice the hair thinning out. If you see any serious side effects, you should contact the skin specialist for advice. 

Does hair grow back after a Brazilian laser?

Usually, after laser treatment, hair will not grow back. If you consider the Brazilian hair removal before and after scenario, there is a significant difference. However, sometimes damaged follicles can recover and grow back. This is why maintenance sessions can sometimes be required. 

Does Brazilian laser include crack?

Brazilian laser hair removal includes the entire pubic area – this includes the pubic hair and the hair in the butt crack. However, the treatment does not include the hair on your butt cheeks or any hair outside of this region. 

Does Brazilian laser hurt?

Typically, the Brazilian laser treatment does not hurt. However, you may feel discomfort. The answer depends on your pain threshold. It is also important to note that the treatment is very short and specialists will often apply a numbing agent before starting treatment.


When you think about what is required for this procedure and the Brazilian laser hair removal before and after advice, it’s clear that this is a proven method to remove hair. Since taking care of pubic hair can be such a hassle for people, this method helps resolve any issues of weekly shavings or trips to the salon to get waxed. Instead, with laser hair removal, you have a chance to get the best possible results in a safe and targeted way.