When Is The Best Time Of Year For Laser Hair Removal?

Fall and winter are the two best times of the year for laser hair removal. It’s proven that laser hair removal works best amongst those with pale skin and dark hair. While there are many different skin types with not all of them being pale, it’s more common to have pale skin during the fall and winter. This is because of the fact that less time is spent outside, reducing sun exposure.

Ever Wonder Why You Lose Your Tan In The Winter?

Yes, even if you live in a warm climate, it’s possible to lose your tan during the fall and winter months.

Despite the fact that you may live in a climate with the sun during the winter, it’s still more likely that you’ll lose your tan during the winter months. This is due to the fact that the amount of UV radiation from the sun reduces significantly. As a result, your skin’s melanocytes stop putting out pigment.

This also means that yes, even if you tan regularly during the wintertime, it’s still harder to maintain your tan because of the sun’s natural pattern around the earth.

Even if you live in a warm climate, it’s possible that you lose your tan naturally during these shorter fall and winter days. As a result, makes these months are some of the best times to consider getting laser hair removal treatment, whether home-based IPL hair removal or professional care from a laser hair removal clinic.

There are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Laser Hair Removal In The Winter

Laser hair removal done during the winter will give you better results than during the spring and summer months and here’s why:

There Is Less Sun During Winter

During the winter months, no matter where you are in the world, the sun is closer to the horizon. This means, there’s less distance and therefore less time, for it to travel from horizon to horizon. This causes the sun to set earlier than it does during the summer months.

As a result of this, naturally, we get less exposure to the sun. We don’t have as much access, there’s less chance we get out to tan.

Less Skin Exposure To Sun

Because of the fact that there are shorter days during the fall and winter months, we naturally spend a little less time outside. That, combined with those cooler temperatures, means we wear longer clothing that covers our skin, reducing exposure to the sun. Of course, laser hair removal during the winter means less chance for skin damage from the sun.

One of the risks of laser hair removal is damage to hair follicles after the procedure. By reducing overall skin exposure to the sun, we reduce the risk of the sun damaging your hair follicles permanently.

Proximity To Spring and Summer

Removing unwanted hair will never go out of style, but any time we get a chance to show it off is something to get excited about. When you get your laser hair removal treatments performed in the winter months, you’re setting yourself up for more hair reduction prior to the spring and summer, when most folks will see it.

Best Results On All Skin Types

While those with lighter skin types and darker hair experience the best results from laser or IPL hair removal, removing body hair is a priority for all skin types. Because of the limited sun exposure during the winter, the chance your skin is paler than it normally is is greatly increased.

If you’ve got a darker skin type, here are some IPL devices that work well for darker skin.

Its Effect On Your Mental Health

One of my favorite reasons for scheduling laser hair removal (or DIY at home laser hair removal) during the winter is its effect on your mental health. The best time of year to work on your skin is any time of year, but there’s nothing like the winter months. With long drawn-out days and earlier sunsets, it’s much easier to make time for multiple treatments throughout the winter.

Laser Hair Removal Risks During The Summer

The sun can be highly damaging to the skin even without laser hair removal. This photo demonstrates the effects of sun damage to skin without laser hair removal.

Before you do anything, whether home-based IPL or if you’re deciding whether to get laser hair removal treatment from a salon, it’s best to talk to a licensed provider. Getting a free consultation from your local salon is a far better option than permanently damaging your skin trying things yourself.

Risk of Burning The Skin

After your laser hair removal sessions, you’ll likely have to remain out of the sun, or your consultant will strongly advise that you do. This is because of the risk of burning your skin after a session. Right after hair removal is the time when your skin is most suspect to damage from the sun and it’s due to the fact that it can actually burn your skin. As a result of burning, it can also lead to scarring.

Risk of Scarring The Skin

For most folks, the primary concern is removing unwanted hair. So it’s easy to forget about the long-term side effects of the procedure. One of the biggest risks of sun exposure after your hair removal treatment is that it can actually burn the skin, which can lead to long-term skin scarring. While it’s nothing to be afraid of, as laser hair removal clinics have been around for decades, it’s something we should all keep in mind when scheduling laser hair removal treatments.

Why IPL Is Better Than Laser Hair Removal During The Summer

Home IPL hair removal is a better option than laser hair removal if you’re deciding to have the procedure done during the summer and here’s why. Prior to your professional salon laser hair removal appointment, the salon will likely have you remain out of the sun for 72 hours before and after treatment.

Who wants to spend 72 hours before and after laser hair removal treatment tucked away indoors? If you’re considering scheduling hair removal during the summer, try an IPL device first, or choose to have it done during the fall months.

Over the past year, home use IPL devices have exploded in popularity, and for good reason. As a result, more than ever before, folks have been taking laser hair removal into their own hands. While technically, IPL (which stands for Intense Pulsed Light) is not the exact same treatment as you’ll get in a salon, it’s possible to deliver salon-like results from at-home IPL treatment.