How To Use The Silkn Sensepil For Face Hair Removal

The Silkn Sensepil uses a technology called HPL. HPL stands for “Home Pulsed Light”. Silkn, the company responsible for HPL technology, created what they coin as a “safer, less intrusive” form of IPL.

In reality, IPL is a watered down version of laser hair removal. HPL is essentially the same thing as IPL, however, with it billed as even less intrusive and generally safer than IPL treatment, Silkn products are some of the best for using on our faces.

Here’s how to use the Silkn Sensepil for face hair removal

  1. Gently clean the area of your face you’ll be using the device on
  2. Take care to dry the area you’ll be targeting
  3. Begin to treat the area with the Silkn Sensepil device
  4. Adjust the device energy levels
  5. Repeat process over time

Using the Silkn Sensepil for Face Hair Removal

We’ve done an extensive use case and Silkn Sensepil Review and to date, it’s one of our favorite IPL devices for facial hair removal.