Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal Device | An Honest Review

To achieve smooth, hair-free legs, some women (and men) just rely on shaving, which has several downsides — razor burn, ingrown hairs and the fact that you have to shave frequently. Laser hair removal and other professional treatments have thus become increasingly popular skincare solutions. But the thing about professional treatments is that they tend … Read more

Remington iLight Ultra: An Honest Review (Before & After Pics)

Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body IPL Before and After Photo

I am typically nitpicky when it comes to buying stuff which meant that I heavily scrutinize everything first like checking all of the features of the product and weighing the pros and cons before I make the decision to buy. So after I compared all FDA-cleared light-based hair removal device for home use, I ended … Read more

Best IPL Hair Removal Devices For Dark Skin (2022 Update)

Pinterest for Best Home IPL Hair Removal Device for Dark Skin

Myth: Light-based permanent hair removal does not work on dark skin. Truth: Advanced laser technology such as Nd:YAG laser can target black hair on patients with dark skin safely and effectively. This is because Nd:YAG laser emits a longer pulse (beam of light) that can penetrate deeper into the skin, therefore, minimizing any skin damage surrounding the … Read more

Laser & IPL: Complete List of All FDA Cleared Hair Removal

There are many home-use light-based hair removal devices available on the market today. In North America, the big brands that provide home IPL hair removal systems are Remington, Tria Beauty, and Silk’n. For those of you in Europe, the choices are Philips and SmoothSkin brands. Not to be left behind, there are also Chinese and … Read more