Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal for Underarms

With so many different hair removal methods women can use today, it’s sometimes hard to decide on one single method over others. Thanks to recent innovations in technology, we now have the luxury of being able to use laser hair removal techniques, as well as Intense Pulsated Light (IPL) devices, which operate in the same … Read more

Using Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most efficient methods in use today for getting rid of unwanted body hair. It’s relatively painless and in most cases, women are able to achieve near-permanent hair removal just by using their laser device a few times each month. DIY at home laser hair removal has exploded in … Read more

Best Facial Hair Removal Cream for Women

Ladies, aren’t we all tired of spending countless dollars on salon visits to remove our stubborn facial hair, aka the peach fuzz? Calling to make appointments and trying to fit them into our busy schedules does get tiresome. Plus, going through the pain of your hair being ripped from your skin with extremely hot wax … Read more

Laser vs IPL Hair Removal: Real Difference and Which is Better

Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are both light-based hair removal methods which are often mistaken for each other but are in fact two separate technologies. Reputable clinics always use laser machines for treating unwanted hair, as they offer the best and most effective results in achieving long-lasting hair reduction. However, when it comes to … Read more